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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: 1.3.10 and AIX 4.2
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2000 17:01:06 GMT
> > compiling with SHARED_CORE?  No garauntees that will work, but maybe gcc
> > needs doing that should assign 1 to using_shlib which should cause the
> > LD_LIBS stuff I mentioned earlier to happen.
>     Could you rephrase the second part of your last sentence? 

I think I need some time off right now.  :-)  I'm sorry.  All I was
suggesting was that gcc on AIX might need SHARED_CORE, which would force
using_shlib to be set appropriately.  If they aren't using dynamic
modules, this is probably a bad idea.

I am concerned because I do not know of any bugs reporting this issue, and
I don't know when this was last modified.  I do know that I have had
Apache building on AIX 4.2.X a while ago without dynamic modules, but
using xlc.  I have never tried to use gcc on AIX.

What also bothers me is that if -ld is always needed, is xlc just putting
it on there automatically?

>     It looks like we need to force use_shlib=1 on this platform,
>     because the code in os/unix/os-aix-dso.c will always be
>     pulled in, thus requiring linking against libld.

I think I would rather no include the os-aix-dso.c code unless we are
either enabling mod_so or compiling with SHARED_CORE.  This seems to me to
be more intuitive.  If the server isn't compiled for dynamic module
support, then we shouldn't be including functions to support loading
libraries, IMHO.


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