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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: Two 1.3.10 items
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2000 17:01:03 GMT

>       Message-ID: <001a01bee548$d0e30ee0$>
>       Status: Randy committed a temporary fix
>       UPDATE: Keith Wannamaker reports that Ralf's patch to
>       fix PR4974 has broken this again. Please see:
>       <>

> I'll assume that it's not and let the release go ahead. For #2, there's
> been no real support to change back. Unless someone steps up, I'm
> leaning towards releasing as is, with maybe some doc changes that say
> we know about this behavior.

I guess the real issue here is which is more important shared modules on
HP or shared_core on HP.  Currently, shared modules break the build
process.  I personally think shared modules support is more important than
shared_core support.  We have a comment in the cvs log that gives the
correct solution to this problem.  It wasn't implemented last time because
it was too close to a release.  Are we seriously going to have two
releases now where we know how to fix it, but we just haven't implemented

I would rather see this fixed properly and have us slip the date a week or
so.  I acn work on a fix today, and hopefully have it ready tomorrow,but I
can't garauntee anything.

I am -0 for leaving things alone, and +1 for fixing this problem the right


Ryan Bloom
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