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Subject Re: Small direction change for APR's file I/O routines.
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2000 21:22:36 GMT

> > actually better than an error condition would be a compile-time
> > conditional such as HAS_UNIX_UID, HAS_UNIX_GID, or something like that.  
> > this was an area which was painful in NSPR too -- there was no way to
> > implement mod_userdir, for example.
> A compile time option would work just as well.

I take that back.  I am not sure a compile time option is as good.  I am
worried about portability in the future, and having people add
HAS_WINDOWS_(UID|GID).  The same goes for any other platform.  This was
easy enough to deal with when we were hiding the internals.  People didn't
like hiding the internals, so I opened them up.  Now, we are going to
start putting back all the #ifdef's that APR was designed to take out.
Except, that this time, we are changing the conditions from the obvious
#ifdef WIN32 to #ifndef HAS_UNIX_UID (which may be true for BeOS or
MacOSX).  I need to think about this more, but I definately am back to
sitting on the fence about compile time options versus defined constants.


Ryan Bloom               
6209 H Shanda Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27609		Ryan Bloom -- thinker, adventurer, artist,
				     writer, but mostly, friend.

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