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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: time overhaul
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2000 20:40:15 GMT

> oh hm, i see, maybe.  actually i did put in a timeval <-> ap_time_t
> conversion initially because i thought i'd need it, but i found nothing
> required it... so i decided to take it out.  i'm curious what needs it?
> is it intended for doing stuff like iol glue code?  that makes sense.  
> neat.  sorry i didn't notice them.

It's okay, I'll commit mine now.  :-)

> the other thing i'm thinking of doing is interval timers similar to
> NSPR's.  this would be used for things such as the poll timeout interval.  
> it would be a 64-bit microsecond-like thing as well.

How is this different from the ap_time_t that you already implemented?
What new functions would be added, what benefit does it give us that the
ap_time_t doesn't already provide?

Sorry, I don't see the need.


Ryan Bloom
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