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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: time overhaul
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2000 20:38:14 GMT
> > There are no ap_get_os_*time functions.
> this seems to defeat the purpose of a portability layer... i'm confused.

One of the things that APR has always accepted, is that APR is not used in
every program throughout the world.  One of the programs that we are not
used in, is PHP and perl.  If we want mod_php and mod_perl to function
well with Apache 2.0, we need to make sure that they can easily go from
APR types to native OS types.  If you look at apr_portable.h, every APR
type has a function that returns the native type.  I believe this is
covered in APRDesign.

> yup i've a problem with it.  think of ap_now() as a global variable rather
> than a function call please :)

Fine, I'll forget about the ap_now changes, but the ap_(get|put)os_*_time
functions are absolutely necessary, or we have made the entry to Apache
2.0 too high.  I know php has their own portability layer, and they would
rather continue to use it until APR is more proven.  If we don't make it
easy to port php to Apache 2.0, we are going to make entry too high.


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