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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject re: mod snmp
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2000 18:35:15 GMT

> Should I make a start with the latest version?? 
> (
> Or should I take the latest version from apr, nspr??

The proper tree is apache-2.0.  You can ignore apr and nspr from now on,
neither of them is as far along as 2.0 is.  :-)

> Is the framework (overall code) more or less stable??

The module framework is really stable already.  You may have some issues
getting used to the APR functions, just send me e-mail, and I can help you

> Does any one fore see big changes??

There are a few big changes in the file functions coming today and
tomorrow, and the timing functions are going to be compeltely re-vamped in
the next week as well.  I suggest working with standard POSIX time
functions until the apr time library calms down.

> Are there also pointers of how to make modules upgrades??

Take a look in the htdocs directory.  David Reid wrote a paper on porting
modules.  If you have any questions, I have ported three or four, and
Manoj ported a couple, and some other guys on this list (Daivd Reid, Paul
Reder) have ported some (sorry if I left anybody out), just post to
new-httpd, and we can and will help.  The porting itself is ussually
pretty straight forward.  I started porting mod_php, but I have run into
problems with the autoconf stuff, so I have put it aside for a while.  We
also haven't actually checked to make sure that compiled in modules are
actually working.  There is some talk of them not working well right now,
but hopefully that will be worked out in a day or two.


Ryan Bloom
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RTP, NC 27709		

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