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From Charles Randall <>
Subject RE: simulating modem/etc. latencies
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2000 22:13:41 GMT
I've used FreeBSD's ipfw+dummynet from the PicoBSD floppy for this.

In order to simulate 1000 33.6k modem users, you'll have to calculate the
aggregate bandwidth, configure PicoBSD as an Ethernet bridge, and run 1000
concurrent connections.

Something like this,

Server <-> Ethernet <-> ipfw+dummynet <-> Ethernet <-> Client

It doesn't have the ability to limit bandwidth per connection.


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From: Dean Gaudet []
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 10:52 PM
Subject: simulating modem/etc. latencies

is anyone doing any benchmarking/testing with simulated latencies in the

i was just studying the freebsd dummynet man page and it seems to me like
you could configure a few client boxes with a bunch of simulated
latencies/bandwidths and do much better exercising of a web server (or
other server) than the usual high-speed/low-latency tests.  has anyone
tried this?

any other similar tools folks know of?

ideally i'd like to be able to simulate 1000+ 33.6k modem users.


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