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From Hawk <>
Subject [PATCH] VC++6 Workspace and Project file updates
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2000 03:51:22 GMT
This is my first contribution i've made to this project, go easy on me,
however *all* contructive critisism is greatly appreciated.

    I am in windows, and dont have a common "diff" program, so i just
zipped up the affected files. To apply just extract it into
x:\apache_1.3.11\ with folders, and it should go where it needs to.

    This patch is intended to ease the building of a Binary distribution
in windows. It creates a Apache.dsw VC++6 workspace, which includes all
the projects in the tree besides the Install tester, and XML (had some
probs there). Loading the workspace file (Apache.dsw) should allow a
build of apache w/o any modifications. There is a registry key that
needs to be set to define where the config file is, as im not sure how
to make apache give the options it gives in other OS's or the Win32
binary distribution. This is the key, i'm not sure exactly why it works,

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Apache Group\Apache\1.3.11]

Change the drive and folders accordingly...

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