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From Greg Ames <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Remove mmm from default module list
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2000 20:07:18 GMT
> Did you see my message proposing a feature of automatically determining the
> mime charset for Unicode files? If mmm is being banished, would it make
> sense to make this part of plain mm?
> --benson

Yes, I saw your message.  Sounds like this could help get Unicode support into
Apache faster, with some performance hits.  Have you checked what Martin Kramer
is doing with mod_ebcdic? Seems like there's some commonality - you may be able
to reuse some of his code.

mmm sounds like the right place to put that function - it already is looking at
the file contents to determine the mime type.  mmm isn't being banished - I
simply took it out of the list of mods that are included by default with the
binary builds, so that a user would need to enable it explicitly.  However, in
light of your work, other concerns, and my desire to get started on 2.0, I will
back off from that patch and submit another which only affects OS/390.

Greg Ames

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