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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy: proposal for v2.0
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2000 14:07:53 GMT
There are many people who use the (forward) proxy of Apache, and you
can't ignore them and force them to use other solutions. Most of them
even CAN'T use another solution, because they rely on Apache. For
example, there are modules for filtering of various conversions of
texts or docuements, which can be accessed from both the main core
(i.e. when Apache is used as a simple server and/or as a reverse
proxy), as well as the case of a forward-proxy. Such modules were not
written for squid or other proxies, because - contrary to them -
Apache can be used also as a web server, so you catch 3 birds in one
hit (support for a web server, a proxy, and a reverse proxy).

I can give many other cases where there is no alternative to Apache's
proxy. I even know many people who rely on it.

On the other hand, I agree that useless and/or non-important parts of
Apache should be axed, in order to save maintanance. Contrary to the
proxy stuff, there are parts which are not used almost by anybody, so
let's axe them. The migration to 2.0, and thhe need to re-write most
of Apache, is a good opportunity to kill these parts.

(Sorry for not naming the specific things which can be axed; I'm
afraid of being flamed by authors of these parts, and/or users of
them - although I doubt that anybody uses them at all...).

Regarding claims that our proxy is not strong enough - this problem
will not be resolved by axing it (unless you are an ostrich). I think
that mod_proxy is strong enough for usual tasks, and if anybody dis-
agree, I would suggest him to add support for, as example, transparent
proxing, or another lack of mod_proxy.

(I don't have any intention to argue; I understood the proposal as a
question: "Does anybody need it? If not, let's axe it", and my message
is an answer: "Yes, there are many users of it, and I can even witness
about many of my friends/customers/whatever who use it").
Eli Marmor
El-Mar Software Ltd.

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