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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: Config
Date Sat, 08 Jan 2000 16:45:12 GMT
By the way: If we are, in any case, into the issue of improving the
organization of httpd.conf, what about joining the httpd.conf-dist-win
version into the httpd.conf-dist version, using IfDefine WIN32 ?

Currently, there is a severe anomaly, which leads to maintainance
problems, to fixes in the httpd.conf-dist which are not done in the
WIN version, and to other annoying problems.

I'm aware of the fact that the size of httpd.conf-dist will become a
little bigger than currently, but it will be much smaller than the
total size of both files together. In addition, most of the default
definitions are similar, and in any case, some of the WIN32 unique
things (such as the usage of backslash instead of slash) were already
modified to fit to the standard conventions.

About a month ago, I discussed this issue with some WIN32 users of
Apache, as well as one module developer, and all of them expressed a
strong "+1".

Since it doesn't involve any change in the sources (or, at most,
addition of "-D WIN32"), I believe that it can be prepared even for
1.3.10 (of course, assuming that there is nobody against it).

If there is nobody to prepare this patch, I volunteer.

What is your opinion?
Eli Marmor

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