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From LoD <>
Subject Re: Windows Frontend
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2000 06:37:20 GMT
> Did you look at and ?
> Did you try to subscribe to ?

No, I must confess I have not, I looked at the standard documentation but did
not find

> In any case, a web based GUI is not less friendly than a local GUI, and
> everybody can enjoy it, not only Windows users. Since we are talking about
> a web server, in my humble opinion a web based interface is the right way
> to go (except for the initial installation; After all, you can't open a
> web-based interface before having a running web-server...  But I think
> that there is already an InstallShield Wizard for this purpose. I'm not
> sure; I still do my installations manually...).

I feel I must disagree, my target audience was Win98 users
People who do not have dedicated connections to the internet nor have the
capacity to run Apache constantly.  For them a tool that allows them to start
and stop apache as well as do basic configuration would be more valuable.

> It's great that you started something, and that you volunteer and are
> willing to contribute it. If you are still in the beginning of the work,
> try to see if you can focus only on the initial installation, or if you
> can forward your efforts to WEB-based support for configuration management
> of Apache.
> In any case, never forget that you loose most of the strengths of Apache
> when you configure it through a GUI. For example, try to think about
> writing a front-end for rewrite. It's almost like writing a front-end for
> C...

Yes, but basic configuration options, targeted at the newbie audience would
not require such depth.  It is only a frontend, people could still do manual
configuration if they had the knowledge or need.  I must confess that I still
find it difficult to do manual configuration of apache.

> I wish you the best luck; After all, without a good front-end, Apache
> will never break the newbie's barrier (in "newbie", don't think about a
> home user who is expert enough to run Linux; Think about a dumb Windows
> user...  Some of these users even don't know how to use a text editor!).
> --
> Eli Marmor

Thankyou for your assistance

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