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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: Windows Frontend
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2000 08:19:18 GMT
LoD wrote:
> Is there a windows frontend for apache, either created or in development
> I feel that the windows version of apache is an obvious port from linux
> for linux users who happen to be using windows for some reason.
> With a good, simple frontend the windows version of apache should be
> usable by the competant windows user, for home use.  Not just the
> computing elite and professionals.

Did you look at and ?
Did you try to subscribe to ?

In any case, a web based GUI is not less friendly than a local GUI, and
everybody can enjoy it, not only Windows users. Since we are talking about
a web server, in my humble opinion a web based interface is the right way
to go (except for the initial installation; After all, you can't open a
web-based interface before having a running web-server...  But I think
that there is already an InstallShield Wizard for this purpose. I'm not
sure; I still do my installations manually...).

> Not saying that I am ideal for the job but I have started on a basic
> frontend (for now) using Visual Basic 6 on a windows 98 computer.  Using
> the windows apache 1.3.9, and a little too little knowledge on how to
> use it.
> If there is any interest I am willing to provide what I have done, make
> it open source and continue working on improving it.

It's great that you started something, and that you volunteer and are
willing to contribute it. If you are still in the beginning of the work,
try to see if you can focus only on the initial installation, or if you
can forward your efforts to WEB-based support for configuration management
of Apache.

In any case, never forget that you loose most of the strengths of Apache
when you configure it through a GUI. For example, try to think about
writing a front-end for rewrite. It's almost like writing a front-end for

I wish you the best luck; After all, without a good front-end, Apache
will never break the newbie's barrier (in "newbie", don't think about a
home user who is expert enough to run Linux; Think about a dumb Windows
user...  Some of these users even don't know how to use a text editor!).
Eli Marmor

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