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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: documentation translation to portuguese
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2000 22:30:50 GMT
On Thu, Jan 27, 2000 at 07:42:26PM -0000, Hugo Ramos wrote:
> I'm here again to tell you that the translation i saw on that file doesn't
> match the REAL standard portuguese. That's brazilian portuguese. So i sugest
> that the person who did that rename it to "" and let me do the

Go ahead, and post it to this list. I am open to putting in your translation
in place of the current one (or rather: in addition to the current one.
If indeed the current portuguese page is brazilian, then perfect: we have
one more language to offer!)  The problem with multi-language entry pages
in the past has been the fact that not very many people have offered to
contribute.  :-(

> I'm also available to translate all documentation.
> As i didn't get any answer from the responsible for this subject I'm
> starting the work anyway.
> As soon as i finish it I'll send it to be included in the Apache 2.0 dist.

Perfect! The only problem with this is that 2.0 functionality changes
rather quickly, and (unless you are prepared to update the pages now and
then) they may be outdated quickly. On the 1.3 line, changes occur much
slower/more conservatively.

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