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From Martin Kraemer <Martin.Krae...@Mch.SNI.De>
Subject Re: 1.3.11 Win32 Build needed.
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2000 17:19:47 GMT
Very nice design! I like the splash screen and background. Well done!
Installed on NT4SP4, but did not display the README when I told it to
(at the end of the installation).

Also, I had problems because I had an old version of Apache installed
which I uninstalled (but didn't stop the service first, and didn't
reboot. And the old apache service wasn't removed from the system...).
After installing, the "Install as service" item
was an empty link (started the explorer instead of installing the service).
(BTW: I installed on drive D:, not on the system drive).

After uninstalling again, rebooting, and then installing 1.3.11 into D:,
and removing the old service by callinmg "apache -u", then installing
the service by calling "apache -i" and starting it, I still am
having the following (minor) problems:

a) the README isn't displayed
b) the "Install as service" from the Start menu doesn't work (empty .lnk)


On Mon, Jan 24, 2000 at 12:57:34PM +0000, wrote:
> I have built and tested on NTsp5 and Win98. The release is at
> This is my first build and I may have overlook something, so feedback will
> be appreciated before releasing it to the public. 
  <Martin.Kraemer@MchP.Siemens.De>      |       Fujitsu Siemens
       <>              |   81730  Munich,  Germany
((See you at ApacheCon 2000 in Orlanda, Florida, March 8-10, 2000!))

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