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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject Re: apache2-ng7
Date Sat, 08 Jan 2000 12:26:24 GMT

In article <38767BDA.EC06919D@Golux.Com> you wrote:

> [...]
> As a member of the group, when you took the bits from src/helpers
> (and other places) to create shtool, did you donate the result
> back to Apache?  No, you advertise/d it as 'GNU shtool, copyright RSE.'

Now I become really bothered, Ken. Could you please stop writing such
stuff without knowing details?! As I've said already _multiple times,
I've _NOT_ taken the "bits from src/helpers" to create shtool. Think
whatever you want, but don't do the same as Jim and turn around facts.
Are you all crazy now or what? Look at the stuff yourself, please: only
GuessOS and a small part of PrintPath was borrowed. Hell, all other
stuff I've written already over three or four years ago for non-Apache
projects. Grrrr... it's not my problem that you all always think if
something was contributed to Apache the author should loose all control
and copyright over it it.

> The mod_rewrite documentation prominently says it was invented and
> written and donated to Apache by RSE.  And you've never donated
> the more comprehensive rewriteguide documentation, requiring that
> people go to *your* site to get it.

Now you should immediately stop, Ken. I'm very angry now. mod_rewrite
was donated and the documenation was donated in 1996, yes. The
rewriteguide didn't exist at that time, of course. I've created it
later and no one ever asked about it. Take it if you want! I've in any
case no interest in it. Are you now all totally crazy? Do you really
think I need the hyperlink at the end of the mod_rewrite docs and the
rewriteguide to require people to go to my site? Tzz... people who come
to my site come not because of this silly rewriteguide. Hell, I myself
would have already forgotten this paper I you haven't mentioned it.  Ok, I'll
commit it also to the htdocs/ tree if it makes you happy.  This way I've less
stuff to maintain myself. A good point, although you mentioned it for
other reasons.

> No-one else here seems to take such pains to make it clear what
> they've done, nor so prominently.  

Grrr... next time I expect you to even asks why I still use as my Email address instead of when I post
to new-httpd or what? Tz...

> It's quite possible that they don't understand why you do it, or, more
> to the point, why you don't *not* do it, as they do. Or perhaps they
> do understand why. In any event, your behaviour differs from the group
> norm, and that causes friction. Whether it's an accurate perception or
> not, sometimes it comes across to me as, 'for the good of RSE first,
> and Apache second.'

Fine, if this is the group opinion then it's really time to stop
contributing at all. Seems like the group has the wrong problems.

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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