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Subject Re: Windows Frontend
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

Comanche runs on Windows



> Is there a windows frontend for apache, either created or in development
> I feel that the windows version of apache is an obvious port from linux
> for linux users who happen to be using windows for some reason.
> With a good, simple frontend the windows version of apache should be
> usable by the competant windows user, for home use.  Not just the
> computing elite and professionals.
> Not saying that I am ideal for the job but I have started on a basic
> frontend (for now) using Visual Basic 6 on a windows 98 computer.  Using
> the windows apache 1.3.9, and a little too little knowledge on how to
> use it.
> If there is any interest I am willing to provide what I have done, make
> it open source and continue working on improving it.

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