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From "Dovid Zirkind" <>
Subject Re: The 1.3.11 release (WIN32)
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 19:47:55 GMT



does anyone know *why* in create_process() the line:

    pCommand = ap_psprintf(p, "\"%s\" -Z %s -d \"%s\" -f \"%s\"", buf,
exit_event_name, ap_server_root, ap_server_confname);

was changed to:

    pCommand = ap_psprintf(p, "\"%s\" -Z %s -f \"%s\"", buf,
exit_event_name, ap_server_confname);

as now, the following problem occurs:

In windows if the server was started from a drive other than the drive that
contains the "ap_server_root" (and possibly also from just another
directory), and rely on the registry key "ServerRoot" pointing to the
appropriate directory, the children that are spawned end up dying with an
error "file not found" because of wrong path.

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