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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Config
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2000 21:41:10 GMT
This is a crazy off the wall idea that struck me yesterday.

At present we have a huge httpd.conf file that has sections for any
eventuality that may be needed.  Now that's fine but when a new user comes
along and tries to configure the server it's not very helpful and may even
have directives from modules that haven't been included.  the result is
often confusion and that leads to a bad taste which leads to, well we all
know what happens!

This idea (and as I've said it might be crazy) is that we actually build the
httpd.conf file as part of the config process.  Basically we strip out
everything that isn't core to Apache from the existing file and store it as
part of the distribution as the base from which we build.

When we add a module via the config process, if that module has any
configuration directives/switches etc then it also supplies a mod_foo.conf
file that is appended to our basic conf file to make that servers
configuration file specific to the build.

This could be extended to the MPM's so that the only info in the conf file
are the lines that are required for the MPM actually being used.  Even
further and any OS specific variables could be done in the same way.
Examples would be the user/group that for a few platforms don't need to be
set and in fact need to be commented out.

With all the work being done on the config system then maybe this is worth a
moment or two's thought as it could be built in at this early stage.

Hey ho, just an idea.


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