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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Other platforms??
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2000 20:00:52 GMT
OK, so what follows is a few comments and thoughts, please don't take it the
wrong way!

The new configure routine seems to be coming along well.  Sascha is doing a
lot of work to make it work and on Unix it probably does.  Doesn't work for
BeOS though, no matter how much I poke and prod it with a hot poker.

I've had some email conversations with Sascha to try and figure out where
and how I should poke it, but all to no avail so far.  I know I have nowhere
near as much experience with autoconf as Sascha, and I'm sure that it will
all work in the end, but right now I find it hard to see how different
platforms can be supported in the way they should be.  On OS2 or BeOS there
is no point in doing a big search for the threading library as it's built
from the ground up as a threaded OS.  The same applies in a number of other
places in the configuration.

So write the code?  I'd love to, if I could figure out where it should be
put and how it should be called.  There is code that does other checks that
should be altered to work for the "other" platforms but I can't seem to find
where it is!

OK, so by now you get the point.  I won't dwell on my inadequacies.  I know
that it's important to get something that works in place, and then tinker
with it later, especially for such small issues as support for OS2 or BeOS,
but the framework should support this and should do so from the start if
it's been well designed - or am I dreaming again?  When I voiced my fears a
while back on this list I was shouted down, but I have to say that this is
what I was afraid of.  When the first round was added if I didn't understand
or needed to know where something went Manoj was very quick to explain and
help.  His explanations, like Ryan's when you push him :-)), are very clear
and allowed me to write the code that was needed myself - a brilliant plan
to reduce his workload I'm sure :-)

I've spent sometime trying to get the new system to work correctly, but
after all that time it still won't build correctly and I don't know what's
needed.  Maybe someone can explain how it works in a way that I can use to
get it working again?  That's be real cool.  If someone does then I'll try
my damnedest to put it into some nice HTML dodah's and add it to the docs.

Well I don't know if anyone else feels like this, but there it is.


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