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From "Cliff Woolley" <>
Subject mod-status
Date Wed, 22 Dec 1999 21:24:42 GMT

I'm working on some patches to mod_status for (at least) my personal
use that I think might be useful in general, so I thought I'd see how
amenable to this you all would be for incorporation into, say, 1.3.11. 
What I'm adding is the ability to sort by certain columns (host, vhost,
cpu, ss, etc), so that the new things show up at the top of the list. 
Another useful item is a <A NAME= tag at the top of the big table so
that when you're doing a ?refresh you don't have to scroll down to the
listing every time it refreshes.

Thoughts?  Should I just keep this as a personal customization or do
you think it would be worthwhile to submit the patches to the group when
I'm done?


Cliff Woolley
Central Systems Software Administrator
Washington and Lee University

Work: (540) 463-8089
Pager: (540) 462-2303

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