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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Enable builds on FreeBSD again (compile with -pthread)
Date Wed, 22 Dec 1999 14:48:54 GMT

> The problem is that APR is detecting threads and trying to build with
> them, but Apache doesn't provide the necessary linker flags to build
> with the threaded library. (unless you're seeing a different problem
> than I am)
> For now, I'll commit this change, but the real solution is for the
> configuration script to (1) know how to build APR, and (2) add the
> appropriate build flags for the MPM.
> The 2.0 autoconf scripts attempt to do #2, but not #1. They will do
> #1. So, right now, -pthread will be added as appropriate, but APR's
> thread stuff won't be disabled when compiling with prefork.
> Hmmmm, unless I'm missing something, APR doesn't seem to deal with
> build flags for threads either, e.g. -pthread or -D_REENTRANT. Of
> course, that's an unsolved problem in Apache as well.

APR can't link with threads, because it doesn't link anything.  The best
solution I have come up with, is for autoconf to try to build a program
with apr.h included, and check for APR_HAS_THREADS, but I'm not sure if
that will work or not.  Or, Apache's configure script could assume that
because we aren't telling APR not to build with threads, we should be
adding the -pthread option.  Remember, APR always builds with threads,
unless we are specifically told not to.


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