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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: 1.3.10
Date Wed, 15 Dec 1999 02:57:29 GMT
> > My understanding is that Apache on Win32 is pretty hosed right now. If
> > so, I don't think outstanding patches should delay a release of
> > 1.3.10.
> > 
> I'm thinking that if the EAPI and IPv6 patches are included, we
> should NOT release it "soon" thereafter, but after some time for
> people to run that and make sure there's no problem.

I havemixed feelings about including EAPI in Apache 1.3.10.  It seems like
an interim fix that is bound to go away quickly with the advent of 2.0.
At the same time, anybody who is using 1.3.X for a while might find it
very useful.  I think we have found cleaner ways to implement the same
functions in 2.0 though, and I am currently leaning towards not including
EAPI in 1.3.10.

I also believe that waiting two or three months to release Apache with
IPv6 won't hurt us at all, and APR will make the IPv6 transition much
cleaner and easier.

I am -0 on both of these changes though, and won't stand in anybodies way.


Ryan Bloom
4205 S Miami Blvd	
RTP, NC 27709		It's a beautiful sight to see good dancers 
			doing simple steps.  It's a painful sight to
			see beginners doing complicated patterns.	

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