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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Date Thu, 09 Dec 1999 12:02:03 GMT

Chiming in late...

I think it would make sense to look, at compile time, for FD_SET or
whatever the equivalent #define on a given OS is, and then define
HARD_SERVER_LIMIT to be the maximum number of processes that the OS can
support presuming everything is done to prevent unnecessary FD's (e.g., no
2000 vhosts each with their own different logfile FD, etc).  This is what
qmail does to determine how many concurrent deliveries can be performed at
the same time.  It was nice to see able to do 509
simultaneous deliveries, a number I could probably bump higher if I
rebuilt the FreeBSD kernel with a larger FD_SET, need to ask about that...
anyways, someone might want to look at qmail's configure/build process to
see how that's done, it should be portable given DJB's affinity for


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