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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: [Patch]: Make cgis work properly under unix.
Date Mon, 06 Dec 1999 19:11:08 GMT

Okay, I have had more time to review this patch, and I am still -1 for it.
In fact, I am even more -1 for it now.  I guess that makes me a -2 or -3

My main problem, is that we are trying to fix a problem in the code that
uses ap_create_process inside ap_create_process.  Since that made no
sense, let me elaborate.

The test program for ap_create_process does this:

    args[0] = ap_pstrdup(context, "testproc");
    args[1] = ap_pstrdup(context, "-X");
    args[2] = NULL;
the thing I am putting into args[0] is the name of the program.  This is
the way ap_create process was designed.  With this modification, the
program breaks, because we will put testproc in twice.  If mod_cgi is only
giving us

args[0] = "-X"
args[1] = NULL

Then it is mod_cgi that is broken, not ap_create_process.

Now for some other nits that I should have picked up the last time this
function was changed.  Defining a type called "my_stupid_string" that is
only useful inside a function is really ugly.  First of all, the typedef
is longer than what it is taking the place of, and second, it isn't even
more descriptive.

I also really don't like that we are putting "$SHELL_PATH -c" into the
args array at all.  If it is a shell script, shouldn't most platforms be
using the #! line?  Those that can't can have a #ifdef, but do we really
need to add in the SHELL_PATH on all platforms?


Ryan Bloom
4205 S Miami Blvd	
RTP, NC 27709		It's a beautiful sight to see good dancers 
			doing simple steps.  It's a painful sight to
			see beginners doing complicated patterns.	

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