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From David Whitmarsh <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Re: Time to roll the 1.3.10 tarball
Date Fri, 17 Dec 1999 03:23:45 GMT
On Wed, 15 Dec 1999 23:44:58 +0100, you wrote:

>-1 on this. You cannot make changes all over the place which break
>on unix, only to make it run on windows. Yes you can, but then
>you must #ifdef WIN32 it.
>Like for instance...
>    previously, a cache file was opened (tests existance), then
>    its modification was derived using fstat (cheap operation because
>    the inode is in the buffer cache) and then the first line was
>    read.
>    now, you stat() the file (tests existance and gets mod times),
>    THEN you fopen() it (but it may no longer be the same file because
>    another process might have unlinked() and replaced it) and
>    then you read the first line. This is more than about twice as
>    expensive as the previous solution, therefore I veto it (because
>    the cache has millions of files, so I DO care).

Fair enough. Easily fixed.
>And please submit the individual patches (yes, that was good) in the
>correct MIME type (text/plain comes to mind, not application/octet-stream)
>to make it easier to review them. Thank you.

A pleasure.

>I'm not sure how many of the patches are already in a #ifdef WIN32
>block. If they aren't, then things like TLS will be difficult (if
>it compiles at all, then it will be less performant).

tls is very win32 specific and is ifdef'd.

gc_fix is now ifdef'd. gc_thread is ifdef'd where necessary. I don't
think there is anything else in there that would affect functionality
under unix

child_args.patch affects a chunk of code that is already WIN32


David Whitmarsh

Sparkle Computer Co Ltd

Sybase C C++ perl UNIX NT


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