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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: Multipart forms
Date Mon, 27 Dec 1999 07:58:59 GMT

> > > Does anyone have a simple test case for multipart form processing?
> >
> > You mean like a multiple file upload?  Just put a couple of input
> > type=file buttons in a page.
> And: does it work? I recently tried to put a few input lines and a
> file upload into a form, and 1.3.10-dev seemed to hang. But maybe it
> was my fault (at least I thought so).

I don't understand exactly why everybody thinks about file uploads
as the main case of multipart forms. This is a normal method to pass
values to CGIs, and one of the main three methods (GET, normal POST,
and this complex POST). Although it is much harder to parse, I know
many server-side programs and CGIs which use it. For example, some
customers of me have virtual shops and auctions, which are powered by
OpenSite. This is one of many programs which depend on multipart
forms. By the way, it is powered by Apache (including SSL), and I
didn't experience any problem (though I didn't try 1.3.10-dev, but
only 1.3.9). I don't think that the hang of Apache has any connection
to this method, since it is 100% transparent (Apache only passes it
to the CGI as a standard input, without even imaging that it is a
special enctype rather than standard^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H normal POST).

Yes, it is possible to upload files by this method, but I think that
"somebody found it" only after it was "invented" (i.e. that it is a
good method for file uploads too). I don't think that file's upload
was the main motivation to invent this method. But maybe I'm wrong;
History isn't my best field ;-)

All of the relevant RFCs and documents explain it. For example:

In general, the syntax is similar to MIME. I don't love it, but some
people claim that it is a good method for passing long user inputs
(and not only files), from the browser to the server.

Eli Marmor

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