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From Ovies Brabson <>
Subject CGI scripts in Rexx
Date Tue, 21 Dec 1999 00:40:10 GMT
> Thanks for pursuing your curiosity.  :-)  I regard your effort
> as more a diagnostic process than a step toward remedy.  It's
> not reasonable to require that the directory containing the exec
> be in PATH when invoking httpd nor in general when invoking an
> exec.  I'll try to recreate the failure with a small C program
> using the same system calls as Apache.  If I do so, I'll create
> a PMR on it.  (I already have 41861,033,000 open on a similar
> problem.)
> BTW, I notice they've created OW42323, presumably for you.  I
> now have it on AST.
> -- gil
I apologize for the confusion.  I did not do a very controlled
experiment.  I started playing with a Rexx exec that just said "Hello
World."  I started playing with the permissions first, but the script
was still failing from the browser's perspective.  I failed to check the
error log.  I don't know whether the BPXW0000I went away after I fixed
the permissions or not.  The browser was failing because my "Hello
World" script wasn't returning an appropriate http header.  When I
replaced my script with the script that you sent me, it worked.  By that
time I had already changed PATH.  So, I do not know that changing PATH
is required.  I would make sure the permissions are correct first.

Yep, OW42323 was opened for me.

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