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From Ovies Brabson <>
Subject [PATCH] OS/390 v1r2 tweaks
Date Tue, 14 Dec 1999 19:22:35 GMT
> With these tweaks, httpd 1.3.10 compiles on OS/390 v1r2
> and runs if invoked with "http -X".  Curiously, on OS/390 v2r7,
> the same executable, compiled under v1r2 runs properly
> without the "-X".  Appears, then, to be an OS bug.  Which
> emphasizes the question of why I'm fussing with v1r2.
> Or why we're still running production on v1r2.
> -- gil
In ap_config.h I specified that we have shared memory and mapped memory
and I specified that they be used.  These things may not work very well
in v1r2.  You may not want to define these.  Another thing you may want
to play with is the serialization method used by Apache.  You may want
to look at the porting guide about this as well as the "Apache
Performance Notes" by Dean Gaudet at  I think that changing
some of these things may allow Apache to run multiple processes on
V1R2.  I don't have that level of system available to me, so I can't do
more than just suggest you try playing with these.

>> Things to play with in ap_config.h <<
#elif defined(OS390)                /* IBM OS/390 Operating System
#define HAVE_MMAP

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