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From Tom Harrington <>
Subject Memory management in 1.3.x
Date Mon, 13 Dec 1999 17:38:10 GMT
I'm porting 1.3.x to an embedded OS with some rather non-Unixish (and
non-NTish, for that matter) restrictions on memory allocation.  Despite
the differences I think it's possible.

What would make this a whole lot easier would be if I could eliminate
all calls to malloc() and the like outside of src/main/alloc.c, forcing
all memory requests to go through the memory API.  These malloc() calls
will need to be rewritten in one way or another if this port is to 
succeed, and it looks like the best solution is to replace them with
calls like ap_palloc wherever possible.

So I'd like some feedback on the wisdom of changes like the following:

* When a malloc() appears, replace it with:
	pool *ptmp;
	ptemp = ap_make_sub_pool(NULL);
	foo = ap_palloc(ptmp, ....);

* If a corresponding free() appears, replace it with

It appears that this may not work in all cases, but every little bit 

Tom Harrington
CrosStor Software, Inc.

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