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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: mod_ssl (was: How to Add a Module to Apache)
Date Sun, 12 Dec 1999 10:13:16 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:

> more than a year. I think the only time that I've actually seen a "flame
> war" was the problem with the guys from Remote Communications. The Apache
> Group is quite level-headed and generally resilient against flames; the RC
> guys were just plain antagonistic and some of the AG members rose to the
> bait :-)

Remember, remember...

> > In addition, if the message was forwarded, it could be better to
> > forward the previous messages too, at least the one discussing the
> > patches required to insert into the patch scripts of UNIX and
> > Windows, in order to make them "compatible".
> I haven't seen the prior messages, but the one that Jim forwarded from you
> was quite complete in itself. I think it raises a number of good issues
> (which is probably why Jim forwarded it; otherwise, maybe an accident :-).

In short, it discusses the current anomally that each platform (UNIX,
Windows) has its own patch script, in a different language (shell,
perl), and so on. I inspected the differences between the different
scripts, and found a way to produce the same source tree for all the
platforms, so you can apply the patches under one platform and move
it to another before building it. I don't want to quote the message,
because it discusses technical issues specific to mod_ssl, file-names,

> Personally, I would not recommend altering mod_ssl to be a complete
> distribution. That makes it difficult to track changes in Apache and to
> apply Apache patches. It kind of boils down to what would a person want to
> see for their base, and what they want to incrementally apply (patch). I
> think you would like to start with a solid Apache and then apply patches
> against that (mod_ssl, mod_*, patchXXX, etc). Starting with an
> Apache/mod_ssl combination generates a few issues with apply additional
> patches, changes, modules, etc. I think it would also cause a small worry
> in some people's minds of "how is the mod_ssl Apache different from the
> regular distribution of Apache?" (other than the mod_ssl changes, which
> can easily be inspected if mod_ssl remains as a patch set).

I only thought that it would be easier to use "diff" to show the
differences, than to use complex scripts (not only "patch") to apply
the patches. Don't forget, Windows users must download many tools for
any simple patch script, such as perl, patch.exe, etc.

> A combination distro can obviously be created... heck, it doesn't even
> have to be Ralf to do it. Eli: you could be the Apache/mod_ssl combination
> distro supplier :-). It might be interesting to see how many people are
> truly interested in that combination.

A good idea!

I must check before, what is Israel's policy regarding to crypto
stuff, but if it is not a problem, I'll probably do it. In any case,
if my suggestion regarding to unifying of the patch scripts for the
various platforms will be adopted (Ralf?), then 90% of the work will
be already done.

Eli Marmor

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