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From "Paul J. Reder" <>
Subject Re: [Patch]: Make cgis work properly under unix.
Date Mon, 06 Dec 1999 19:55:14 GMT
Ryan Bloom wrote:
> Okay, I have had more time to review this patch, and I am still -1 for it.
> In fact, I am even more -1 for it now.  I guess that makes me a -2 or -3
> :-)
> My main problem, is that we are trying to fix a problem in the code that
> uses ap_create_process inside ap_create_process.  Since that made no
> sense, let me elaborate.
> ...
> If mod_cgi is only giving us ... Then it is mod_cgi that is broken,
> not ap_create_process.

If this patch is to be vetoed, then the same code needs to be
removed from the windows version of proc.c which is where this
code was copied from.

Second, all of the places where ap_create_process is called must
be checked for argv[] passing. This includes mod_cgi, mod_include,
and mod_mime_magic (http_log and mod_rewrite don't pass any argv[]s).

> Now for some other nits that I should have picked up the last time this
> function was changed.  Defining a type called "my_stupid_string" that is
> only useful inside a function is really ugly.  First of all, the typedef
> is longer than what it is taking the place of, and second, it isn't even
> more descriptive.
> I also really don't like that we are putting "$SHELL_PATH -c" into the
> args array at all.  If it is a shell script, shouldn't most platforms be
> using the #! line?  Those that can't can have a #ifdef, but do we really
> need to add in the SHELL_PATH on all platforms?
> Ryan

Third, I didn't add "my_stupid_string" or "$SHELL_PATH -c". Those
were both already there, they were only included as part of the unified

Paul J. Reder
"Remember, Information is not knowledge; Knowledge is not Wisdom;
Wisdom is not truth; Truth is not beauty; Beauty is not love;
Love is not music; Music is the best." -- Frank Zappa

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