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From Raymond S Brand <>
Subject Patches to mod_autoindex and mod_include to fix include variables
Date Sun, 05 Dec 1999 17:34:58 GMT
Attached are 2 alternative diffs to finish implementing server-parsed
mod_autoindex Header and Readme files in apache_1.3. A third diff is
attached that shows the differences between the alternatives.

Why this is needed: With an unpatched apache_1.3.9, the include variables
SCRIPT_NAME, and SERVER_PROTOCOL will have values reflecting the Header
or Readme files instead of the directory. Contrast this with the use of
included files in a non directory document where those include variables
reflect the base document, not the included file.

Both alternatives work with and without various pool/memory
allocation/deallocation debugging options enabled and using various
compiler optimization levels on Linux. Alternative 0 has been in use for
the last 6 months (without the ap_table_unset's in mod_autoindex) using
apache_1.3.7-dev (downloaded 19990504) without problems.

Two alternatives are presented because Dean did not think that alternative
0 was safe 6 months ago. I believe that it is and it provides a cleaner
method for module authors to use the power and flexibility of mod_include
to enhance generated content, like mod_autoindex.


Raymond S Brand
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