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From Tom Harrington <>
Subject Q: ap_listeners
Date Thu, 02 Dec 1999 23:31:27 GMT
I'm working on porting Apache to yet another platform.  I could use a 
little clarification on the use of the ap_listerers variable declared
in http_main.c, in 1.3.9.

As I understand: ap_listeners is a circular linked list, but by default it
only contains one element that points to itself.  It appears that there
will only be additional elements in the list if httpd.conf contains
one or more "Listen" directives, and in this case ap_listeners will
gain one element per "Listen".  There are only two places where elements
are added to ap_listeners: setup_listeners() (http_main.c), which adds the
default listener, and set_listener() (http_core.c), which adds any
entries specified by "Listen" directives.

Am I getting this?  Any holes/wild misundersdandings in the above?

Tom Harrington
CrosStor Software, Inc.

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