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From Chris Costello <>
Subject Re: Solution for pthreads configure problem.
Date Wed, 22 Dec 1999 18:15:46 GMT
On Wed, Dec 22, 1999, Ryan Bloom wrote:
> 2)  If not using the prefork MPM, then we need to detect the pthreads
> flags correctly.  I suggest we do not use the -pthread option for cc.  I
> am afraid this is a gcc option, and it isn't the correct solution.  I
> think we need to specify -lpthread for the LIBS iff we are using a
> threaded MPM.  We can define the other macros at the same time.  I will be
> working on this problem until it is solved correctly.

   If I understand what you mean here, that won't work under
FreeBSD, as its threaded C library is libc_r, _not_ libpthread.

   In BSDI BSD/OS it's in the C library itself.

   So a platform-specific flag for threads will still have to be
set for each different platform.

|Chris Costello <>
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