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From Manoj Kasichainula <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-2.0/src buildconf
Date Mon, 20 Dec 1999 02:33:55 GMT
On Mon, Dec 20, 1999 at 02:15:12AM +0000, Ben Laurie wrote:
> OK, but the config.cache should still be removed, surely?

Hmmm. Yeah, I guess it makes sense. I'll put that back. It's probably
better to remove all sorts of other stuff, like config.log.

Actuallly, --enable-maintainer-mode ought to take care of a lot of
this for us, in theory. Haven't checked if it actually does, though.

> Also, BTW, the current version completely fails to build for me (lots of
> unresolved externals) - what's the current recommended build path?

Well, now, all you should have to do in theory is (thanks to your

cd src
./configure --flags
cd lib/apr
cd ../..

It works for me on Linux. Unfortunately, I haven't tested on any other
platforms yet; I'm just trying to get it to work on a single platform
first. RSN, I should have a BSD box up and running.

> I'm slightly puzzled by what's going on with APR - it seems to build a
> dozen different libraries, but Apache only seems to use one. What am I
> missing?

I think a bunch of libraries are built and then combined together,
sort of like Apache combines a bunch of libraries together in its
build process. I haven't checked out APR's build process too
carefully, though.

Manoj Kasichainula - manojk at io dot com -

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