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From Martin Kraemer <Martin.Krae...@Mch.SNI.De>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Re: Time to roll the 1.3.10 tarball
Date Wed, 15 Dec 1999 22:44:58 GMT
-1 on this. You cannot make changes all over the place which break
on unix, only to make it run on windows. Yes you can, but then
you must #ifdef WIN32 it.

Like for instance...
    previously, a cache file was opened (tests existance), then
    its modification was derived using fstat (cheap operation because
    the inode is in the buffer cache) and then the first line was

    now, you stat() the file (tests existance and gets mod times),
    THEN you fopen() it (but it may no longer be the same file because
    another process might have unlinked() and replaced it) and
    then you read the first line. This is more than about twice as
    expensive as the previous solution, therefore I veto it (because
    the cache has millions of files, so I DO care).

> Here are the broken out patches, in unified diff format

And please submit the individual patches (yes, that was good) in the
correct MIME type (text/plain comes to mind, not application/octet-stream)
to make it easier to review them. Thank you.

> tls.patch allows the proxy module to be loaded dynamically under
> windows 95.

I'm not sure how many of the patches are already in a #ifdef WIN32
block. If they aren't, then things like TLS will be difficult (if
it compiles at all, then it will be less performant).

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       <>              |   81730  Munich,  Germany

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