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Subject Re: OS/390 Apache
Date Fri, 10 Dec 1999 14:44:44 GMT
In a recent note, Martin Kraemer said:

> Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 13:09:25 +0100
> What's the status of your OS/390 port? I understand that Ovies
> merged his port with your port and suggestions; is that true?

I wouldn't say "merged", although I believe Ovies has adopted
suggestions from me and I from him.

> You got core dumps on OS/390 unless starting the server with -X;
> is that still the case? Are there any loose ends (i.e., anything

Not "core dumps".  It simply freezes after serving one page.  It's
still alive enough that it will stop with "apachectl stop", and
I can restart it to serve one more page.

> you had in your port and Ovies didn't) which could be added to the
> current CVS tree? Does the current CVS snapshot work on your system?
I based my port on conditional compilation in src/os/unix.  Ovies expressed
a dislike for this approach, and created a new src/os/os390 directory.
Possibly as an effect of this, possibly because of my otherwise
minimalist approach, possibly because I've left loose ends (other
than the "-X' defect) my patch is about half the size of Ovies's.
I haven't tried Ovies's patch on my system.  I last resynced my
patch with the CVS snapshot at 19991208231201; something happened
yesterday that broke it again -- I haven't resynced it again.

> Questions over questions... I just wanted to make sure that the OS/390
> port is in a sufficiently stable form when 1.3.10 is released.
Alas, I haven't done a thorough review of Ovies's work.

-- gil

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