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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject Re: src/helpers/
Date Tue, 23 Nov 1999 20:45:23 GMT
According to Manoj Kasichainula:

>  Your patch essentially eliminates the source tree from the binary
>  tarball, right? The source is included on purpose; and yes, this has
>  been argued back and forth before. The anti-includers think it's a
>  waste to bundle source for people who will never use it; the
>  pro-includers disagree.
>  If special flags are required to make a build complete properly, they
>  should be put into Apache proper, so that people compiling from source
>  don't have to worry about them. In any other case, all that would
>  serve to do is reduce the consistency of the binary builds, so I'm
>  against it.

I'll second that.

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