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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject November 1999 Netcraft Web Server Survey (fwd)
Date Tue, 30 Nov 1999 17:21:58 GMT
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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 17:08:56 GMT
From: Mike Prettejohn <>
Subject: November 1999 Netcraft Web Server Survey

         The November 1999 Netcraft Web Server Survey is out;



- Top placed developers with numbers of hosts responding and percentage share -

Developer                                     November 1999   Percent    Change
Apache                                          4847992     54.81      1.14
Microsoft                                       2145461     24.26     -0.67
Netscape                                         653800      7.39     -0.34

- Top placed servers with numbers of hosts responding and percentage share -

Server                                        November 1999   Percent    Change
Apache                                          4847992     54.81      1.14
Microsoft-IIS                                   2141099     24.21     -0.67
Netscape-Enterprise                              597058      6.75      0.22
thttpd                                           176358      1.99      0.17
Rapidsite                                        165222      1.87      0.03
Zeus                                             115307      1.30      0.05
CnG                                              104979      1.19     -0.34
WebSitePro                                        89324      1.01     -0.09
Stronghold                                        77248      0.87     -0.04
WebSTAR                                           67993      0.77     -0.02

  Around the Net
   [1]Apache had its best month since the spring, gaining just over one
   percentage point of survey share. [2]Microsoft, after its large gain
   last month, and [3]Netscape dropped back by a roughly equivalent
   During the month promotion commenced for the second Apache
   [4]conference to be run in Florida next March. It is interesting to
   see that [5]Sun , traditionally thought of as tightly aligned with
   Netscape, is adopting a more encouraging outlook towards Apache and is
   a conference sponsor.
   Large Scale Hosting
   Last month we reported that [6] was one of the first large
   hosting systems [with well over 300,000 sites] to be deployed on NT.
   Several people have since pointed out that Webjump is actually a
   hybrid system with static content run from [7]NT and dynamic content
   delivered from a [8]conventional Solaris/Apache/perl system.
   In the upshot of the publicity of the Webjump system, several
   companies changed their DNS configurations to enable Netcraft to
   retrieve DNS information for their web hosts and include their sites
   in the survey; the largest of these, [9] was too late
   for inclusion in the November survey, but is likely to add several
   hundred thousand in December. provides free business
   site hosting on a Linux/Apache [10]platform.
   Intel based systems have done very well in hosting scenarios over the
   last two years, and this trend is likely to continue, both as a
   platform for the freely available Linux and FreeBSD operating systems
   and for Windows 2000 with the new Microsoft operating system now being
   heavily promoted as scaling to high availability and high performance
   hosting scenarios.

   Notable Sites - What do the top .com domains use for encrypted
   At the start of the month Netscape made the news when it became clear
   that retailing icon had replaced Netscape with the
   Stronghold server on [11] Netscape's steadily declining
   share of the SSL Server market has been chronicled by the [12]SSL
   Survey over the last three years, which has seen strong gains for both
   Microsoft and Apache based servers over the same period. Loss of the site, which never upgraded from Netscape-Commerce, has been
   taken as an indication that top commerce sites see Netscape as a spent
   However, a quick analysis of the commercial domains most active in
   using encrypted transactions on the internet shows that Netscape still
   enjoys a considerable presence with the large corporate users that it
   has always seen as its primary market, and it is often the case that
   the most intensive users of a particular technology behave differently
   to the userbase as a whole.
   The top 10 .com domains with the most distinct certificates found by
   the September SSL survey, run 213 Netscape servers [out of a total of
   341 sites], against 42 Microsoft [of which 28 are in the
   domain], and 24 Apache. Equally notable is their choice of operating
   systems, where both NT and Linux, strongly represented in the SSL
   Survey as a whole have a relatively small share. Just 57 sites run NT,
   with the most common Unix systems according to signatures detected in
   the tcp/ip characteristics, being Solaris and AIX. Only one site was
   detected as running Linux.
   Having three operating systems manufacturers in the top ten domains
   obviously helps make the o/s figures anomalous, but even so it is
   clear that the commercial Unix vendors do much better with the larger
   electronic commerce companies than with the internet economy as a
   whole. Equally interesting is the composition of the list; when a
   similar "top 10" list was constructed in the spring, it was packed out
   with retail brokerages; while these are still very intensive users of
   SSL, they have been pushed out of the top 10 by a combination of large
   banks and computer vendors catching up in the use of encrypted
         Top 10 .com domains with most SSL third party certificates

Job Opportunities at Netcraft

Netcraft is looking for an internet technology [13]analyst. 
Details available at



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A commercial SSL server survey is also available from Netcraft,
price pounds 1200 for a monthly updated analysis reflecting the
topology of encrypted transactions electronic commerce on the internet.
Details and sample pageset available at

- - - - - - - - Commercial Internet Research from Netcraft  - - - - - - - - -

Netcraft also does commercial internet research projects. These include
custom cuts on the Web Server Survey data, virtual hosting industry analysis, 
corporate use of internet technology and bespoke projects. All of the data 
is gathered through network exploration, not teleresearch.

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