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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject MP3 Jukebox That Rox (fwd)
Date Mon, 29 Nov 1999 21:09:47 GMT

very cool - and powered by Apache.  =)


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Posted by: Hemos, on 1999-11-29 15:36:41 EDT
Dept: sharing-your-music, topic: Music

   One of the really cool things I saw at [1]Comdex was a very cool MP3
   Jukebox that [2]Y2Brand was showing. The system allows for sharing
   throughout a network, but the other cool feature is that if you assign
   your box an IP, it shares with all other boxes that have IPs - kinda
   of a hardware Napster type thing. Expected ship date is 1/15/00 -
   click below to get some more details.
  Press Release from Y2MP#
   Y2Brand announces they are accepting pre orders for Y2MP3, The Worlds
   first MP3 Community JukeBoX Server.
     * The Y2MP3 JukeBoX MP3 server is a turnkey solution for groups that
       want to share their favorite music. Y2MP3 JukeBoX allows listeners
       to add their favorite music via a web page interface served from
       the Y2MP3 system. The web interface extends the system to allow
       songs to be added to a que, display latest additions to the
       database, or see the top 10 requested songs. Everything is
       administrated from a browser over the LAN.
     * Sharing is a key feature of Y2MP3. For systems that have their own
       IP address, users will be able to turn on JukeBoX Sharing.
       Jukeboxes that have sharing enabled will be able to download music
       from all other Y2MP3 systems online, much like Napster or Mp3
     * Users with administration privileges can add and remove songs from
       the database, stop the current songs playback, and change volume
       via web page. Y2MP3 stores an amazing 100 CDs worth of music
       (average based on mp3s encoded 128 kbps, 44 kHz), all in a system
       that weighs only four pounds. An optional 10 GB second hard drive
       adds an additional 166 hours of playback for a nonstop weeks worth
       of music.
     * Setting up Y2MP3 is a snap, simply plug audio out from Y2MP3 into
       a stereo or PA system, and plug a network cable into your LAN.
     * For areas larger than an office, an optional low power FM
       transmitter turns Y2MP3 into a radio station! This "Internet radio
       station" turns the current model inside out, instead of just
       playing commercial radio stations on the Internet, now the
       Internet and the Y2MP3 server becomes an automated radio station
       with studio, record player, and interactive talk show host
       applications built in and automated. Users on the Internet can
       gather the content from people around the world, and then post it
       to the local radio server which then rebroadcasts that server
       content via radio to those people that are not connected to the
       Internet but do have radios.
     * The Y2MP3 JukeBoX system is designed to be small and portable yet
       provide superior quality. It is also designed to be very easy to
       install and operate. With options the Y2MP3 JukeBoX gets mobile -
       take it with you on the road.
       Y2MP3 is Powered by Linux, Apache, & MySQL
   Hardware: Base MP3 JukeboX (AMD K-6 266 MHz CPU, 32 MB RAM, 4.3 GB
   Hard Disk, Full Duplex Audio, Internal Speakers) AC Power Supply
   (battery option for UPS) PCMCIA Network Adapter
   Options Include: NiMH Battery - Car adapter Removable 2nd 2.5" IDE
   hard drive up to 10GB (Provides an extra 166 hours of playback) FM
   transmitter Keyboard / mouse / video display Carrying case
   Expected shipping date is 1-15-00



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