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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: default qualities in multi-line accept headers
Date Sat, 13 Nov 1999 00:52:01 GMT
On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> In message <>, Eric Prud'hommeaux writes:
> > Accept: image/gif, application/postscript, */*;q=0.01
> >
> >This means that text/html, text/plain and everything on the first
> >line, as well as those on the second line, assume the default q of
> >1.0.
> No.  First, */* is an entry on its own -- it merely says that anything
> not specifically mentioned on any Accept has q=0.01.  Everything else
> has q=1 by default.  Second, it doesn't matter how the lines are split;

To clarify: Roy is also saying that image/gif and application/postscript
are *also* q=1.0.

In other words, the binding for ";q=0.01" is the specific MIME type, not
the whole line.


Greg Stein,

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