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From Jeremy Hansen <>
Subject Re: OFF TOPIC: Any general apache administration mail lists?
Date Fri, 12 Nov 1999 22:08:41 GMT

Again, if this is what I need to do, then I guess I will, but I'dd like to
hear more feedback.  Also I'm confused as to what you say about LockFile.
This is what the docs read:

The main reason for changing it is if the logs directory is NFS mounted,
since the lockfile must be stored on a local disk. The PID of the main
server process is automatically appended to the filename.

This sound like what I'm doing, is it not?  Also like I said, using
USE_FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT I see no httpd.lock file created, I only see


> On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Jeremy Hansen wrote:
> > My LockFile currently points to a lock disk, /var/run, the default,
> > although I never actually see a lock file being created.  I switched to
> > USE_FLOCK_blah_blah and then I did see the lock file being created, but
> > Trond explained to me the flock is a BSD style lock and will not work with
> > Linux NFS locking, only for local locks, and well it didn't work so...
> Well, the LockFile directive has nothing to do with locking on log file
> writes.  The LockFile specifies where the accept queue lock file should
> go.  This has to do with how incoming requests are handled.
> I don't know anything about nfs-based logs.  I have never put myself in a
> situation where I need to write to the same log file over nfs from many
> different machines in rapid succession.  The obvious thing I'd say is,
> "Don't do that!"  Most log file analyzers can merge log files at analysis
> time.  Given that, why not just make each server log to its own separate
> file and avoid the locking issue?  
> -Rasmus
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Y2K.  We're all gonna die.

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