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From Jeremy Hansen <>
Subject Re: OFF TOPIC: Any general apache administration mail lists?
Date Fri, 12 Nov 1999 20:43:21 GMT

Yes!  I don't want to use this list for something other then what's
intended, but since you ask :-)

I've actually been working with one of the Linux NFS maintainers, Trond
Myklebust and so far nothing works in my situation.  I thought LockFile
and FCNTL in Linux was supposed to do the trick, but well, it's not.

I have three web servers being load balanced.  All the servers are
writting their access logs over nfs to the same file.  I'm using Linux
knfsd with kernel's 2.2.12 from Red Hat 6.1 and kernel's 2.2.11-ac3 on the
web servers with nfsv3 client patches from Trond applied.

Basically I'm getting very corrupt log files.  Half lines, lines running
into each other, basically everything is telling me that locking is NOT

Locking does seem to work fine from test programs Trond gave me, but
Apache is not showing the same information.

My LockFile currently points to a lock disk, /var/run, the default,
although I never actually see a lock file being created.  I switched to
USE_FLOCK_blah_blah and then I did see the lock file being created, but
Trond explained to me the flock is a BSD style lock and will not work with
Linux NFS locking, only for local locks, and well it didn't work so...

So...I don't know what else to explain.  Like I said, if there's a better
list, please let me know, but I'm going crazy trying to get this going.  I
have a perl script I wrote to weed out bad entries so we can run our
reports, btw WebTrends sucks for its tolerance on log file errors, but I
don't know if I'm loosing information or what.


> On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Jeremy Hansen wrote:
> > I'm just looking any general apache administration mail lists.  I'm having
> > VERY MANY issues with Apache and nfs, specifically file locking and log
> > writing via nfs and I'm pretty desperate to figure out what's going on and
> > what I can do to fix it.
> Problems that are not solved by putting the lock file on the local disk
> with:
> LockFile /some/local/dir/httpd.lock
> ?
> -Rasmus
> |
Y2K.  We're all gonna die.

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