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From Fabien COELHO <>
Subject Re: patch to force name virtual hosts
Date Mon, 15 Nov 1999 12:00:29 GMT

> Perhaps a language barrier is making it difficult for us to understand this
> patch.

Do you mean my poor C or my poor English? ;-)

> I looked the code over the day it was posted and think Fabien is trying to
> provide NameVirtual support for domains which may or may not resolve to the
> local IP.


> In other words, let's make believe I'm a hosting provider.  You sign up for a
> website at my company and transfer a domain or move an existing one.  There's
> that brief period of time where you'd have to access your site with just the
> IP (before DNS moves over).  If I'm providing HTTP/1.1 style hosting, you
> wouldn't be able to access your site until your domain was registered or
> pointing to my Virtual IP.
> With Fabien's patch, it looks like the end-user can specify the NameVirtual IP
> address *and* his domain, thus allowing 1.1 style hosting accounts to be
> accessed before their domain resolves to that IP.
> Maybe?

Yes, the functionnality of the patch allows what you describe. At least
this is my purpose.

In the HTTP protocole definition, the "Host" header is independent,
it does not need to be actually linked to ip numbers. Thus apache
should/could provide the ability to be configured this way.

Fabien Coelho ___ ___

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