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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] 10x performance increase patch #9
Date Fri, 05 Nov 1999 19:08:06 GMT
On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Mike Abbott wrote:

> > how [is] the -i option ... preferable to the
> > existing -X option
> The -i option allows debugging of a multi-process Apache.  The -X option
> allows debugging of a single-process Apache.  I needed the former to
> debug the QSC.
> > setting MaxRequestsPerChild to 0 in the default distributed conf
> > file is probably not so ideal
> I found it essential for high performance and I observed no resource
> leaks that required a finite limit.  As with all customization,

Well, then IRIX is better than Xxxxxxx.  <g> There are lots of systems
with... issues with some of their standard libraries, or with third party
modules or libraries.

> different people have different priorities; mine was speed.

Right, but there is already a highperformance.conf-dist config file.  The
base config file doesn't have to and shouldn't refelct configuration
needed to pull the best possible performance out.

In order to allow for portability and maintenance, a lot of tradeoffs have
to be made.  For example, adding:

+#if defined(IRIX) && _MIPS_SIM != _ABIO32
+#pragma mips_frequency_hint NEVER

in lots and lots of places is really not desirable from a maintenance
viewpoint.  Could you maybe do something like defining a macro that
includes some file (eg. #include "irix_frequency_hint_never.h") if
the various defines are present?  That file would then have the
#pragma line in it.  Then it is easier to add this for other
platforms and is easier to update if we need more restrictions.

While I haven't had time to review your patches in detail, I have noticed
a number of things such as this that don't really fit into Apache as is.  
That doesn't mean your patches aren't good, but just that they need 
some work to fit nicely into Apache.  I may get a chance to look at them
in more detail in the next week or two.

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