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From "Keijser, Jan Just" <>
Subject RE: Time to roll the 1.3.10 tarball
Date Mon, 22 Nov 1999 15:56:06 GMT
Bill Stoddard wrote:
> I propose that we release Apache 1.3.10 before the Christmas 
> holidays. The Windows port of 1.3.9 has several significant 
> problems that have been fixed in the current development tree. 
> Is there any interest in rolling the tarball in early December?

Sounds fine to me, but I am still looking into two bug reports
1. support for unbuffered CGI's; I have a sample Win32 console program 
that has no problems with CGI's that produce output in intervals, yet
Apache does. The sample program uses the same code to launch CGI's as
Apache, but reading the output may be different. 
Has this been fixed yet?

2. Loading the ProxyModule dll on Windows 95 does not work for me - 
even a simple test program which only does
  LoadLibrary( "ApacheModuleProxy.dll", ...)
fails on Windows 95, but not on Windows NT - has this been fixed yet?

Apart from these two (minor) annoyances - full steam ahead!


Jan Just (JJ) Keijser
Logica Inc

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