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From Tony Finch <>
Subject Re: patch to force name virtual hosts
Date Mon, 15 Nov 1999 20:19:18 GMT
Fabien COELHO <> wrote:
>If this is **really** the case, the ServerName documentation must be
>updated accordingly.

Yes, I think it could do with an additional sentence. Would this
replacement for the ServerName docs be OK?

	The ServerName directive sets the hostname of the server; this
	is only used when creating redirection URLs. If it is not
	specified, then the server attempts to deduce it from its own
	IP address; however this may not work reliably, or may not
	return the preferred hostname. For example:


	would be used if the canonical (main) name of the actual
	machine were

	If you are using name-based virtual hosts, the ServerName
	inside the VirtualHost section specifies what hostname must
	appear in the request's Host: header to match this virtual

	See Also:
	DNS Issues
	Apache Virtual Host documentation

>Also, I may wish to specify a different ServerName for a given
>virtual host: for instance, "" could be redirected to
>"" if you want, for error handling purposes. The two
>functionnalities looks distinct to me.

That's what ServerAlias is for.

the man who puts the dot at

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