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From Ovies Brabson <>
Subject [PATCH]Apache 1.3.9 Port to OS/390 Unix System Services
Date Tue, 30 Nov 1999 19:59:48 GMT
> > This patch currently does not define NEED_HASHBANG_EMUL for OS/390.  I defined it
so that I could deal with the compile problems, but then I removed the define.  I could not
find any documentation that described how #! was handled on OS/390.  Can you point me somewhere?
 The two scripts in cgi-bin now work without the NEED_HASHBANG_EMUL being defined.  Is there
something that will break if we don't define it?
> >
> From:
>    Linkname: OS/390 UNIX - Questions and Answers
>         URL:
>    Prior to Release 8, OS/390 UNIX System Services does not support the magic number
>    syntax. For systems that lack this support, Wall and Schwartz in Programming Perl
>    recommend ...
> IBM still supports OS/390 v1r2 (and we still use it).  I advocate leaving HASHBANG_EMUL
> on until IBM ends support of v2r7.
OK.  I'll submit a new patch that defines NEED_HASHBANG_EMUL for releases prior to V2R8 some
time today.  Thanks for the reference.

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