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From John Zedlewski <zedlw...@Princeton.EDU>
Subject Re: C++ reserved words
Date Tue, 23 Nov 1999 23:33:02 GMT
Personally, I always have my editor set to syntax highlight for C++.
Any variables that use reserved words look funny immediately.

> For people not familiar with C++, you might want to watch out for
> these reserved words if there is any chance your code will be
> converted to C++ (some of these are very unlikely to appear anywhere
> but in a C++ program, but you never know): bad_cast, bad_typeid,
> bool, catch, class, const_cast, delete, dynamic_cast, explicit,
> export, false, friend, inline, mutable, namespace, new, operator,
> private, protected, public, reinterpret_cast, static_cast, template,
> this, throw, true, try, typeid, typename, using, virtual.

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